Gingerbread pancakes for the masses...

The Magnolia Cafe was recently invited to deliver breakfast and lunch to the crew from Good Morning America. They were following their weatherman to north Austin.

The human-interest story was about a teacher who was trying to lose weight. So they plunked down a stack of a dozen thick, fluffy, steaming Magnolia Cafe gingerbread pancakes in front of her. >Cut< to NYC where the entire celebrity crew was digging into the Magnolia's famous cakes.

Was I the only one who noticed that they were tormenting that innocent school teacher?

I just want to say that the Magnolia Cafe is a perfect place to eat when you're on a special diet. We make custom orders all-the-time. Just tell us what you have in mind, and we will most likely find an accomodation that works for you.

But if you just have to have those gingerbread pancakes, come visit us, or take a look at this very cool blog from a sentimental Texan. She's got our gingerbread pancake recipe posted, with a lot of other great Texas food recipes. (Free recipes.) homesicktexan

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