Magnolia South Wedding Report

Over the years, there have been a few marriages made between Magnolia employees who found each other and fell in love at work.  Russ and Kathy.  Al and Valerie.  Sue and David.  Melanie and Chris.  And now Dennis and Ella.   To celebrate the June 1st, 2011 wedding of our latest Magnolia Prince and Princess, the Magnolia South will be closed for the day for routine maintenance. (This allows our staff to go to the wedding, just like Cinderella!).

The brooms will be dancing around the cafe's dining room while the employees play, and the restaurant will be freshened up and open again for customers at 10pm on June 1st.  Since most of the employees will not be going on the honeymoon, they can come back to work.

We apologize to our loyal customers for the inconvenience of being closed.  And we send our warmest congratulations to the newly married couple, Dennis and Ella.  They will continue to work at the cafe, so you are invited to congratulate them yourselves.