Magnolia broadcast: Come eat your home fries

cover_texas_monthly_websize_photoIMGmagnolia_texas_monthly_websize_photoIMG We were happy to learn that the Magnolia Cafe was chosen as one of the 40 best restaurants to eat breakfast in the state of Texas.  "Top 40" may sound like a big field, but Texas is a big state of course.

Here's what Texas Monthly (Dec. 2011) had to say about us:

Is it the whimsical artwork, cheery print tablecloths, and mismatched booths?  Or the toy pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling?  Either way, the South Austin Magnolia has the hippie-dippie vibe nailed.  The coffee is better than average, and the menu is economical and good.  Order the fried-egg sandwich on sourdough--two eggs over easy, three tomato slices, ruffly leaf lettuce--or the house version of the three-egg omelet, with avocado and cheddar-jack cheese (you know you want that lemon-sour cream sauce).  And never, under any circumstances, pass up the city's best home fries, creamy inside and perfectly crispy from the griddle.

Shoutin' out a big Thank You to Texas Monthly.   (And to the nice Magnolia Cafe South employees who stepped up in the line of fire!)