"Love conquers all" for the Valentine's Day menu

Kent gives the cooks full creative control of the dinner menu every Valentine's Day.  The cooks order special ingredients and plan the entire menu -- it's an annual evening of culinary pride and accomplishment.  I wish I had pics to show you from the Magnolia Cafe (Lake Austin Blv.d) as well, where they work to present an equally glorious menu each V. Day. Here was the menu at the Magnolia Cafe South this year:

VALENTINES DAY MENU! 1. Greek Platter 2. Warm Olive Bread 3. Greek Salad 4. Avgolemono Soup 5. Spanakopita 6. Monk Fish 7. Lovers Lamb Kabobs 8. Greek banana split 9. Raspberry Chocolate Cake

As you can see, the cooks (led by Adam, in front) agreed to wear their red T's for the evening.  An inspired, and inspiring, bunch.  Thanks to all of the cooks who contributed to our fabulous Magnolia dinners!