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Greetings, MODs! Ava here. We are getting a new POS system to replace R Power, as you probably know by now, called Toast. Our configuration for the POS at both stores will be changing in this switch. The West will continue to have two main terminals. The South will go down to having only two terminals, one inside, one outside. Both stores will have sturdy handhelds for every server on (Toast Go) provided by Toast to ring in tickets and run credit cards at the table. These handhelds are the size of a pad of paper. Overall, we are hoping this switch is one that is beneficial for everyone -- ease for management to maintain the system, ease for servers to use (and potentially make more money), ease in the natural pace in which the kitchen receives tickets, ease for the customer experience and the reinforcing of customer positive trust towards our systems.

Things we like about Toast: It doesn't have the many bugs we've been experiencing with R Power, it is Cloud-based so we can access (and update) the POS from our computers (when we update menus we can build the whole menu out behind the scenes and just hit a button to publish when we are ready to roll it out), they are the credit card processor for the software which lets us help customers much more easily when they call the office needing assistance with a charge, its reporting options are top-notch, it has a very user-friendly interface, it has extensive built-in support around the clock, they have modern gift certificate options (to be introduced at a later time), and they have quickly become an industry standard defining the next era of point of sale - particularly for restaurants like ours. 

Things we like about the ToastGo handhelds: Entering tickets as the servers go through their section ensures that there are no clogs at terminals, and the kitchen's receiving the tickets is naturally paced. Also, with servers not duplicating work (writing it down, typing it in a minute later), they have more time to stay in their sections. The Toast Go tablets have been shown to help decrease table time with these efficiencies which will help us get folks through the door faster when we're on a wait. We like servers swiping credit cards at the table, which will help to eliminate card errors, something that we are constantly fielding and working on in the office. (Inevitably, many of the errors customers experience are preventable, and messing with people's money is a surefire way to get them to distrust the organization you represent.) Eliminating these errors -- and never walking away from the table with someone's credit card -- helps customer trust in our organization and helps customer retention. The tip percentage options (18, 20, 25, custom) have shown to make servers make more money (particularly in crowds of folks who don't know tipping customs or have trouble with figuring out appropriate amounts). The handhelds themselves are incredibly sturdy with an exceptionally long battery life, and more.

Ultimately, we're hoping to increase our sales, decrease table time, increase the amount servers can be in their section, increase the money servers (and their tip pool) make, increase ease of system maintenance, and increase customer satisfaction with their experience with us.

We are excited to roll this out in September. Thank you for being all in with us to make this a successful transition!

MOD Toast Training Sign Up Sheet

All MODs are required to attend one of the two MOD trainings provided. Please sign up for the training ahead of time. 

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All MOD trainings will take approximately 3 hours.

Server Toast Training: MOD Sign Up Sheet

We highly recommend that all MODs attend one of the many server trainings that will be provided, so that y'all hear the same information as the servers to be able to assist them.
If you would like to attend one of these trainings, please indicate on the form below. All servers must attend one of these trainings, but it is technically optional for you.

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All server trainings will take approximately one hour.


September 5: Second Menu Build Out Review (w/ Toast AC, Trawick, Suz)
September 11: Cabling Installation for both stores
September 12: Manager Trainings (two)
September 20: Server Trainings (four)
September 21: Server Trainings (four)
September 26: Toast Installation @ South (7 AM - 11 AM, closed during)
September 26: Toast Implementation @ South (11 AM; Toast specialists will stay with us for the first many hours to fix any issues that arise on the spot)
September 27: Toast Installation @ West (7 AM - 11 AM, closed during)
September 27: Toast Implementation @ West (11 AM; Toast specialists will stay with us for the first many hours to fix any issues that arise on the spot)